Who are we?  We are the Chattanooga Scale Modelers (sometimes known as the Moccasin Bend Modelers (a local joke!)).

We are a small group of guys (although women are certainly welcome) who have an interest in scale modeling.  We come from all walks of life, and all points of the compass.  If you have an interest in scale modeling, come join us.

We don't specialize or promote any type, form, or genre of modeling.  We have members who only build aircraft, we have members who build aircraft and armor, we have members who build Sci-Fi, and we have members who specialize in figures.  We currently only have one member who kind of dabbles in cars, but we'd love to have more.  We even have members who can recall the days they actually had hair as more recent than the last time they built a model!


We are an IPMS USA Chapter.  IPMS is the largest organization of plastic modelers in the world, with groups literally around the world.  Like us, IPMS doesn't encourage or promote a specific type or genre of modeling, but rather encourages the full spectrum of plastic modeling.  To learn more, please visit the IPMS website.




We are also an AMPS Chapter (Armor Modeling and Preservation Society).  As the name implies, AMPS is an organization that specializes in Armor modeling.  To learn more, please visit the AMPS website.



While we are IPMS and AMPS Chapters, IPMS and/or AMPS membership is NOT required (it is encouraged in a low key way though).

The point is, if you have an interest in scale models, come join us.