We meet once a month on the Third Monday of the month at 6:30pm.

We are once again meeting at Hobby Town.  It is located off of Gunbarrel, in the same general location as the Dick's Sprorting Goods.  In an effort to be more respectful of the Hobby Town folks and their hours, we have started meeting at 6:30 and wrapping up the meeting at 8:00.  The idea is to then adjourn to a nearby restaurant for dinner and more fellowship.  The first time, we ended up a Logan's Roadhouse and had a great dinner.  And our waitress, who's name escapes me, gave as good as she got.  In other words, she didn't take any crap and still served us all the correct orders!   Ever since, Logan's has been the place for the aftermeeting dinner.

December is always reserved for our Holiday Bash at a member's home.  It is a late night extravaganza of models, food, and movies.  

If you are new to the area, and want to make sure of where the next meeting will be, feel free to drop the chapter contact, Lynn Petty, an email using the link to the right.