ModelCon Rules


1. Eligibility

a. The show is open to all modelers. Membership in IPMS/USA and/or AMPS is not required for entry, but is encouraged.

b. Entries may be made of any material, i.e. plastic, wood, metal, paper or any combination thereof.

c. Absentee/Proxy entries accepted if registered under builder’s name. Full Registration fees apply.

d. Pre-assembled entries will not be allowed in any category.  This includes die cast, pre-assembled display models, toys, or professional engineering models or builders models.

e. Entries must be the work of the entrant or the entry will be disqualified from any award..

f. Group entries are encouraged under the name of the group build. 

g. Pre-painted entries will be allowed in the Junior category only.

h. Models that have won previous standard category awards at other shows (including IPMS/Nationals or AMPS/Nationals or respective regional’s, etc.) are encouraged to enter at ModelCon 2016.  Models that have won Best of’s or special awards are encouraged to enter the Showcase category at ModelCon 2016.  Previous winners of the ModelCon Showcase Award are ineligible for any award but are always welcome to be displayed.

2. Class Placement

The Contestant will determine the Class Placement of each Entry. The Head Judge reserves the right to move any entries to another Class if such move is clearly warranted.  All such moves will be made following reasonable effort to notify the Contestant.

Automotive Dioramas must be placed in the Automotive Diorama Category; all other dioramas will go into the Diorama category.

3. Judging

a. Judging shall be conducted using the guidelines set forth by The Chattanooga Scale Modelers.  In summary the following shall apply:

For classes 1, 2, 4, 5, 6, 7, 9, & 10 The Chattanooga Guidelines for Gold-Silver-Bronze will be used.  (For more information see our webpage)  For class 3 (Automotive) the NNL style of judging will be used.  (i.e.  Popular vote by eligible participants in the respective class divisions.)   Those divisions shall be as per our web page. Custom, Box Stock, Commercial, Race, Motorcycle & Diorama.

For class 8 (Model Photo) one gold will be available for popular vote to award in each of three categories.

A team made of head class judges will review the best of’s from categories 1 thru 10 to select a Best In Show Award.

b. Models will not be picked up during the IPMS judging process, unless deemed necessary by the Class Head Judge to determine final class or special award ranking.  Reasonable effort will be made to contact affected contestants prior to any large-scale relocation or handling  of affected entries.   Models may be gently repositioned to allow access to entry forms, visibility of other entries, or to facilitate placement of models on the viewing tables without said notification.

c. All judges' decisions are final.   Period – END OF STORY.   Any attempts to influence judges will result in immediate disqualification of all the contestant's entries.

d. Dust covers should be removed prior to judging.  A reasonable attempt to judge a model with a dust cover will be made but the judges will not remove any dust covers and may elect to pass on a model with a cover.

4.  Disclaimer

No liability for loss or damage to contest entries is implied or assumed by IPMS/USA, IPMS Chattanooga Scale Modelers Association, the Chattanooga Convention Center, or the contest judges.  We can assume no liability or responsibility in case of accidents involving attendees, equipment, merchandise, models, or displays or for property lost, stolen, or damaged during the show.