Ok, going to try something different for the CSM website.  This was promted by my friend Bun E. Carlos (aka Tor Johnson, No Pussy (and anyone who knows who I'm talking about will also recognize why I haven't divulged his given name)) who, following our innagural show, sent me a review and some pictures of his crowd pleasing Stug IV.

My thoughts are to post stuff like Bun's Stug review, build logs of some of my projects (and maybe yours if I trust you well enough to give you access!), "how to" type content, and whatever else seems like it makes sense!

I can't tell you how often things will be added here.  Like all editors, I'll be limited by what folks actually send to me.  Got something you think folks who visit here would be interested in?  Send it to me.  Let's see what we can do to fill this site out!  Just click on the Webmaster link and send me an email.

You can click on a photo below, or on the links to the right to access the articles.




Rigging biplane models





A down and dirty review and build of the Tamiya Stug by Bun E. Carlos






A down and dirty review and build of the Tamiya Stuart by Bun E. Carlos




"Struck off Charge" A diorama by Brad Cancian







"Under Fire" A diorama by John Rosengrants




  Mike Rinaldi "Oil Paint Rendering" on Missing-Lynx




Braille Scale Modelling 

Sven-Ake Grufstedt 

A great FREE brief tutorial on painting and weathering armor models. While titled Braille Scale Modelling, the techniques Sven-Ake covers here are equally applicable to larger scales, and indeed other genres.  Check it out, you won't be disappointed!