Ok, so like many modelers I know, I typically start my day with a quick run through my favorite web sites.  One of which is Missing-Lynx.  I'm pretty used to seeing really good work there, what with the likes of Mig Jimenez, Adam Wilder, Rick Lawler, Mike Rinaldi (just to name a VERY few) posting their work there.  But this morning I got an eye opener.  I'd never seen John Rosengrant's name before.  Apparently I've missed it, or he hasn't been active there since I started visiting regularly.  Suffice to say I'll be looking for posts with his name on them from here on.

As you go through the photos, and especially when you get to the one of the turret close up, and you see the open palm on the commander's hand, do your best to remember this is 1/35 scale!

Thanks to John for letting me put this here, and here are his comments in his ML posting and the pictures:

´╗┐´╗┐Finally completed a project! Been very busy at work (knock on wood) and have been missing the hobby and found a way to carve out some time for it. 

The kit is the AFV club M5A1 and I added Tiger Models and Formations resin bits to improve it overall. The hedgerow device is made from styrene and magic sculpt sandbags. I modified the nicely sculpted Blast Models stowage to fit the tank for a bit of the typical U.S. tank clutter. Figures are one off scratch builds. Hope you guys like it....