We are proud of our GSB judging system!  We’ve received many compliments from others who enjoy our system.  Other clubs have used variations of it (imitation is the sincerest form of flattery!) for their shows.    We’ve also learned a lot about our system.  We are continuing to learn and improve.      

Of central importance to the system is having a good group of experienced judges.  We hope you’ll join us in our quest for the success of the GSB format.  If you’ve judged before at our show we offer our sincerest thanks and hope we can count on you again this year.  If you judged before at other shows, no matter what the system, but haven’t judged at our show, please consider joining our judging team!  We are counting on you!

So here is what we need from you. 

  • Please let Mike Moore know as early as possible if you'd like to, or are willing to judge, what you are most comfortable judging, and if you've judged under our system before.
  • If you don't let me know before the show, please, sign up for judging when you register!


Again, we can really use your help judging.  More hands will make for lighter, faster work for everyone, and will help us stay on schedule.

And, if you think about it, every show you go to is in the same boat.  It is really a good thing to give back a bit and judge a few times a year.  The shows you do so at will really appreciate it, I promise!