"Showcase" Display

So, just what is the "Showcase" Display? 

We'd really like to have some of the best examples of the Art of Modeling on display at ModelCon.  With that in mind ,we're inviting everyone to bring their past winners to display.  Models eligible for the Showcase Display are:

  • Models that have "placed" at an IPMS National Contest
  • Models that have been awarded a Gold Medal in the Advanced level at an AMPS International show
  • Any model that has been awarded a "Best in Show" honor
  • Any model awarded a Gold Medal in the Advanced level at an AMPS Regional show
  • Any first place model from an IPMS contest
  • Any Gold Medal model from an IPMS show with a GSB format

The Showcase models will be displayed apart from the rest of the models and they will not be judged for regular show awards. However, the Showcase Display models will be judged by a distinguished, anonymous modeler. Whoever built the winning Showcase model will win a swanky plaque to lord over all their friends and family!


So please join us in making ModelCon truly a display of the best modeling to be seen.  Bring a few of your models that qualify, and bring along the awards they won.  For some of us, it will be a walk down memory lane.  For some of us it will be the first time we've seen some great work.  And for some it will be the first time to see the art form that scale modeling can be.