Better late than never!

Finally getting around to posting a link to the 2019 IPMS USA National Convention's only been up and live since mid-September!

Click here to see what's new with the Nat's planning!


September update

This Monday at the Chattanooga Public Library we are having our monthly meeting. It is the reveal day for the hopefully finished models in the "I'm not the biggest modeling loser" Chattanooga edition. The ninty day build turned onto a five month build and I may not even finish my model in that time! The time and directions are on the Meetings link at the top of the page, come see us!



New deadline

 I have been asked to extend the deadline on the Build Challenge to September because of the new venus for meetings and the Nationals next month. So. reveal day is the September meeting, NOT tonight.


July update

We have a new meeting place lined up, The Public Library in Downtown Chattanooga, directions are on the Meetings page. The unveiling day for the "I'm Not The Biggest Modeling Loser" challenge is the July meeting, at the rate I am going, I will be hanging my head in shame. Hopefully I will be the only one so back to modelling!


April happenings

  Like many people I started this hobby young, I was six years old, and many of us stop building at some point in early adult hood. I returned in earnest after marrying my second wife at 35 and have been at it since. Also like many others, I have slumps where I do little if any building. I have been able to restart after one of our chapters build days and sometimes can keep the inspiration until the next build day.
  As much as I like to say that I am not competitive, I do like to "compete" even if it's only in my head. That said, I recently read a Facebook post on the IPMS Hamilton FB page talking about the "I'm not the biggest modelling loser" challenge. It is a light hearted "contest" where participants have a set time to declare what model they will build in ninety days.  If you fail to complete a model, you get a picture taken of you hanging your head in shame, or not.
  I am modifying the rules to better suit a smaller Chapter such as ours, the entry declaration time will be two months into the three of the contest.  Models must be unstarted, new in the box. It can be any type of model, any genre and any skill level. Submit your entry via email to with a picture of your kit up to the night of the June meeting.
  The main goal is to have fun, build something and prove that you are not a modelling loser.

Begin date - April 16
Last date to Declare participation -  June 18 (meeting night)
Date to Show Completion - July 16 (meeting night)

Edit, I finally found the reason I haven't gotten any responses, I have fat fingers and had the email wrong. Profuse apologies and I beg forgiveness.

4/26/18, I am still trying to work out the bugs in my Matrix, I have been attempting to upload the entries I have so far with no luck. I will keep working on it.

Here is what I have so far:

Gary Haars.


 Ben Bonvillian's

 And Me,


Tom Gaston,


 Chris Lowrance

 Clayton Lowrance