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Day 3...

And here we are on Friday.  They are calling this the Thin Air Nationals.  Well, Dumb and I drove to the Thinner Air.  A mid day trip up to Rocky Mountian National Park was a great decision.  After driving around up there, and getting out an walking a bit a something probably a little over 9000 feet, even Ken had to admit that as beautiful as the Smokies and Appalachians are, they really kind of look like foothills.

And...here's a link to some more of the pictures I've taken.  Again, this isn't all the models.  And it even isn't all the pictures I've taken.  But I'm having some technology challenges.  Look for more tomorrow.  I doubt I'll get anymore up today.  I've got about 20 minutes until it's time for the judges meeting and then it's off to judging.

Sorry folks...click HERE for the pictures link!




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