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Day two of the 2013 Nationals Dumb and Dumber trip

Another great day at a model show.  After initially not thinking that I was too terribly impressed with the vending, I hit the vendors rooms in the morning...I don't know how much I spent, and I don't WANT to know.  Besides, the missus will be more than happy to enlighten me later.  When the CC bill arrives...

As with any nationals, Thursday is when it really starts to happen.  The vendors room(s) fill up.  The model rooms gets crowded (really crowded.  I'll try to get a good overall picture tonight during judging), and more of those good friends you only see once a year show up.  Gil Hodges got here with a huge grin on his face after finding the local Hooters.  Phil Hale made it in with his typical 'Bama hat.  And best of all, getting to meet more great guys.  I'll save you the names, just rest assured it's been a great trip so far.

And now, on to some more pictures.  No, these aren't all the models, they aren't even all the great models, or all the models that caught my eye.  They're just a sampling of what caught my eye on day two:

She does know it's a model show, right?  Ok, quick survey.  How many of you think a self respecting modeler is going to spend money on a gift for SWMBO rather than another model goodie he doesn't really need, and will likely lose somewhere after he puts it into the stash, not that I'd know anything about that!


partial shot of the model room

should be pretty self explanatory. If not, I really can't help you!Right

I've seen this several times...it never ceases to catch my eyefor Petty...the Monogram kit!pardon the flash...but the interior is coolnope...your eyes don't deceive you..two guys built the Valkyrieno smart aleck comment this timeA very nice scratch builld/kitbashand another one...ok...just for funjust a very nice car...

Very cool scratch built drop tank racer!And...finally for today...if this thing isn't the George Lee Judge's Grand, I'll be shocked!  It is 100% scratch built, and it really does look like you could jump right on and start it up.  It is just exquisite.  Has Joe Youngerman said, and I can't disagree, "there's just a level of modeling that I just can't even aspire to."  Amen Joe, Amen!



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