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It's in the bag...

Stick a fork in it, it's done!  The 2013 IPMS USA Nationals is in the history books.  The awards are done, the models are packed, and the last of the modelers just abandoned the bar.  I have to say that this was a GREAT convention.  This is my 7th Nationals in a row, and my 8th in 9 years.  I'd say this one ranks in the top three for sure.  The venue is great.  The local area is great.  And for some reason, everything worked.  If anything was going wrong behind the scenes, the host chapter(s) kept it hushed up, and from this correspondent's perspective, everything came off without a hitch.

A couple of statistics.  There were about 750 entrants, and a little over 2500 models entered.

Yeah, yeah, yeah...I know, you want to know what  won.  Well, first off, the local boys done good.  Tom, Ken, and I all are returning home with multiple awards, and at least 5 first places between the three of us. Now, here's a list of all the big winners I can remember....

Best Aircraft...1/48 scale SUPER detailed Tamiya P-51D


Best Armor...1/35 Cougar MRAP

 Best Auto...1/9 SCRATCH BUILT Farmall tractorBest Ship...Scratch Built USS LangleyMichael Fritz Best WWIAnd......

The Popular Best in show:

And finally...The George Lee Judges' Grand Award goes to:

For the rest of the major award winners, please accept my apologies.  It's been a long week, and this was all I could remember for sure from the awards.

On to next year...Hampton VA.

And 2015?????  Survey says...Columbus OH!

Off to bed now.  Gotta get some sleep before the long drive home...

Dat Dat Dat Da Duhhhh, DaDaDa Duh Duh Da Duhhhh, DuhDa Duh Da Da Dahhhh Da Duh Duh Daaa, Da Duh Da Da DAAAAAAAAAAAAA.... (to the tune of Looney Tunes)




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