The What's New "blog" Starts

I have to say, I never really imagined myself as the webmaster type...but here goes!  First of all, don't count on frequent or regular updates here.  You'll get 'em when I think I've got something to say, and not before! (and yes, I am a sarcastic SOB...hopefully you take with the humor with which it's intended!)

Lynn, Tom and I are just back from the Nationals in Phoenix.  I know, I know, it's a dry heat.  But so is my oven, and you don't see me crawling in there for fun!  But seriously, it was a great show.  The guys in Arizona did a fantastic job and from a participant's POV, it was flawlessly run.  Turnout was perhaps a touch small, but that's more the economy than anything.  Check back in about a month for pictures and more details!

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