This one is FUNNY...

And yes, I've certainly had similar conversations in hobby shops!


How about a FREE tutorial on painting and weathering armor models?

That's right...FREE.  Sven-Ake Grufstedt has published a brief PDF booklet demonstrating his techniques for painting and weathering armor models.  Though titled Braille Scale Modelling, the techniques are just as applicable to larger scales, and with some immagination, even planes, cars, sci-fi...heck any model!  Some of the techniques included are using pigments, oil dot filtering, and the hairspray technique for chipping and showing heavy wear on the paint.

Sven-Ake Grufstedt's Braille Scale Modelling

And speaking of the hairspray technique, check out the new Chipping Fluids from AK Interactive.  I've tried the hairspray technique on a few models.  A couple have been successful, and one was a complete failure.  Although I followed the technique as described by the guys who did a great job with it, I always had a hard time removing the upper layer of paint to reveal the undercoat.  But, at the AMPS International show a couple weeks ago I watched a weathering seminar by Mig himself and he used the AK Interactive Chipping Fluids.  I was VERY impressed with how easily the top coat came off to reveal the undercoat with the Chipping Fluid.  I went away from that determined to pick some up.  I know Jack is out of it right now, but I'm sure he's got a re-stock of this fantastic new product coming.  Check it out at MidTenn Hobbies.

And speaking of Mig's seminar, he mentioned one of the coolest things I've ever heard a modeler of his caliber say.  He made a point, even saying please at one point.  His comment?  I'll paraphrase here:

If you make a mistake with painting, please don't strip the paint and start over.  Cover up the mistake with a tarp or stowage, keep going and move on to the next model!

What a cool attitude from someone I think most of us would consider a master!  I'll have to give it a try!


Big news for our 2013 show!

We have a new venue.  After two years in the Family Life Center at the East Brainerd Church of Christ (and HUGE thanks to them for giving our show a home for two years while we got it off the ground!) we realized we'd out grown the space.  So we've the Chattanooga Convention Center.

We'll have 18,000 sq ft of carpeted space in one room, plus a seperate room for the judges meetings and seminars.

The dates are January 11th & 12th.

Check the show page for more details!


FINALLY...a new update!

So what's new these days?

Pictures have been posted of our show.  We had two guys busy with cameras so I hope you can get a good feel for what the show had to offer.

I've also posted small galleries of both the 2012 Atlanta Figure and AMPS show and the 2012 Old Dominion Open.

And finally, here is a link to some absolutely FANTASTIC scratch building tips from a master scratch builder, Ben Jakobsen.  Ben has been doing master patterns for many years for many different types of models including display bases, tank parts and aircraft sets.  Even if you don't do much scratch building, you should check this out because I guarantee you'll pick up at least a tip or two that will help you out:

Ben's scratch building tips

And don't forget to check out the other galleries on Ben's Fotiki page.  He's got galleries of some of his personal projects.  His 1/72 Helldiver was my first exposure to his work (that I was aware of.  Years ago I used the F8F wingfold he mastered for Cutting Edge, but I didn't know about Ben at that time).  Spend some time browsing through, I don't think you'll be disappointed...




SIX days to the Second Annual Chattanooga show!!!!

That's right, next Saturday is the big day!  Birmingham says they're first, but we know different!  And actually, we are different, but that's a whole 'nother can o' worms!   But the point really is, our show is coming in six days!

Remember, there is still time to email your registration in and get a $3 discount.  And like last year, there is no need to pay up front!  Just send your form in via email, and you'll save the $3.  We are even extending the deadline for the pre registration to the 19th.

Also, in the interests of better clarifiying an admittedly confusing new deal, here is some more information on the Airfix Club Challange (the overall concept can easily be learned on the show page):

  1. First off, if you have a challenge model, it doesn't get registered as one of your "regular" entries.  So you don't need to include it on your registration form, and you won't be charged for it as part of that registration.  It also will not be eligible for a medal as it will not be judged formally.
  2. Second, we've (finally) realized we needed some sort of entry form.  So as of this evening, there is now an entry form on the forms page!  Just have one club member fill it out, and he (or she) can take care of registering the club entry and paying the $5 for it.  How you guys divy up the $5 is your problem, we can't solve everything.
  3. Third (why did I bother formating this part as a numbered list if I'm going to start each point with a "first", "second", etc...), you CAN enter as an individual.  It will cost you $1.  You won't be eligible for the notoriety of being the winning club in the challenge, but you will be eligible for the $25 MidTenn Hobbies gift certificate for the best individual kit!
  4. Fourth...there is no fourth.

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