SIX days to the Second Annual Chattanooga show!!!!

That's right, next Saturday is the big day!  Birmingham says they're first, but we know different!  And actually, we are different, but that's a whole 'nother can o' worms!   But the point really is, our show is coming in six days!

Remember, there is still time to email your registration in and get a $3 discount.  And like last year, there is no need to pay up front!  Just send your form in via email, and you'll save the $3.  We are even extending the deadline for the pre registration to the 19th.

Also, in the interests of better clarifiying an admittedly confusing new deal, here is some more information on the Airfix Club Challange (the overall concept can easily be learned on the show page):

  1. First off, if you have a challenge model, it doesn't get registered as one of your "regular" entries.  So you don't need to include it on your registration form, and you won't be charged for it as part of that registration.  It also will not be eligible for a medal as it will not be judged formally.
  2. Second, we've (finally) realized we needed some sort of entry form.  So as of this evening, there is now an entry form on the forms page!  Just have one club member fill it out, and he (or she) can take care of registering the club entry and paying the $5 for it.  How you guys divy up the $5 is your problem, we can't solve everything.
  3. Third (why did I bother formating this part as a numbered list if I'm going to start each point with a "first", "second", etc...), you CAN enter as an individual.  It will cost you $1.  You won't be eligible for the notoriety of being the winning club in the challenge, but you will be eligible for the $25 MidTenn Hobbies gift certificate for the best individual kit!
  4. Fourth...there is no fourth.


Need to blow the cob webs out a little?

Try making it a little simpler.

Last month I started AND finished two models.  From sealed in the box/bags, to sitting on my shelves.  The first one was my entry into the CSMs inter club (later expanded to intra club) Airfix Challenge.  I chose to build the new Airfix 1/72 Spitfire PR XIX.  In a bow to more extreme tendencies, I did embelish the kit with Xtradecals, stencils swiped from an Aeromaster sheet, painted walkways, and tape seat belts (all legal under IPMS OOB rules).  Total time...7 days.  I actually had the paint base coated within 24 hours and then life got in the way a bit.

The second was an Academy AT-6 I built for a group build over at  This one took a little longer becasue the Holidays actually got in the way a bit.  Never the less, built OOB again, it was less than 14 days from start to finish.  Aftermarket decals for the Norweigan markings, and tape seat belts again.

I can't remember the last time I built a model in a month.  Much less in a week.  And even I can't really believe that I not only built one in a week, but two, from start to finish, in a month.  But it was a lot of fun.  I didn't get too wrapped up in the history or the accuracy (I'm pretty sure that given the 1950's time period for the Spit that the black cockpit is correct, but I'm wondering if the T-6 shouldn't also have a black cockpit.  Then again, who cares!),  but I did try to do as good a job as I could, as fast as I could.

It's not the way I normally build, and I wouldn't want to build this way all the time; and I know that for some, building this way wouldn't be any fun at all (SD01, you out there son?); but, give it a try.  You might just find that simple pleasure of gluing plastic together you enjoyed all those years ago and reconnect with it.  Or, maybe not.  But you won't know unless you try!




The Show's a Coming....

It's New Year's Day, and thanks to some scheduling abomination the Rose Bowl is postponed to January 2cd!  I can't imagine who thought that would be a good idea, but apparently someone did.  All I know is that if I ever find out who had that thought, I'll string them up for making me wait another day to watch the Ducks dismember the Badgers.  Tomorrow is gonna be a bad day to be a Badger. Ok, now back to regularly scheduled programing...

The Chattanooga Scale Modelers model show is coming in 20 days.  The club is just about ready for it...are you?  You know there is a discount for pre-registration right?  You don't have to send money, just email me the registration form and save $3.00.  What are you waiting for?

And you know about the Airfix Challenge too right?  You know, you guys get together and build a bunch of 1/72 Airfix airplanes OOB and stack 'em up against ours and may the best club win.  I know we've got at least 5 models's mine:

And at one point I actually did have pictures of Dave Wells' very cool what if Spitfire PR XIX in flight, as well as David Beckman's 109G.  I also know that Steve Lewis was nearing the finish line on his Spit MkI/II in mid December, and Tom Gaston is about done with his Mk I/II.

So what are you guys stepping up with?




Jim me!  Please....

Sorry guys, I didn't ever envision the what's new page as a message center, but sometimes you gotta do what you gotta do!

Jim, I did get the email you sent me last week after the Murfeesboro show.  Unfortunately, the email address you typed into the email form when you sent me the email from the web link, must have been wrong, as everyone of the half dozen responses I tried to send you came back as undeliverable (who said I don't learn quick?).

Anyway, I'm REALLY not ignoring you, I just can't get an email to you!  Shoot me an email at and we'll be good to go.  Or heck, just come on down to the meeting on Monday!




Well, we heard it was coming, and it did.

HOBBY TOWN USA IS BACK! read that right boys and girls, and even you Lt. Gray, not only is Hobby Town back, they're open for business.  They are in the same section of the Gunbarrel Road retail Heaven (or Hell, depending on your mood!) that Dick's Sporting Goods is in.  It is right next to the Baby's R Us store, and it's bigger than any of the previous incarnations of HTUSA have been here in town.  The manager is a familiar face from the last store, Je-Ann Johnston.  She's managed Hobby Towns in other areas, and the owners of the store have two successful stores in the Indianapolis area.

The GRAND OPENING isn't for a couple of weeks, but the store is open and is selling stuff.  Stop by, say hi, let Je-Ann know you're from CSM, and buy some stuff!

And by the way...they have already welcomed CSM and invited us to come on back and resume meeting in the store.  With Christmas and the show coming up, we'll put that off until February, but that probably also serves them pretty well, as it gives them some time to get everything pulled together.

Oh...stock.  From the looks of it, they have 4 full aisles set up for models (although the stock is a little thin at the moment); glues and tools; Citidel, Tamyia, and Model Master paints (and they are willing to consider pulling in Vallejo); and the normal assortment of scratch building materials like plastic stock, brass tubing of various shapes and carbon rod.

Very cool...Check 'em out!