Another paint reference....

Stumbling around the web this afternoon (while enjoying an unusual slow period at work) I found this paint chart.  Not perfect, but still a good reference.

The Ultimate Model Paint Conversion Chart


A pretty cool model paint reference...

Stumbled upon by our own Horton Herrin, follow this link to a pretty nice resource for finding the right color and paint.  One caution though...It looks like it's several years old and there are colors missing, and likely colors included that are now unavailable.  But still, it's a place to start:

Model Paint Database


A couple items of note...

First, planning for our show in January is starting to come together.  We've managed to finalize how we are going to approach the judging this year, and we really think we'll be able to stay on schedule this time! We've also issued a challenge to all the chapters in Region 3, and anyone else who wants to play.  It's for an OOB build of any 1/72 scale Airfix airplane model.  See the details on the show page.

Second, as is my habit, I'm posting a link to some AMAZING work.  Check Diego's stuff out.  Of particular note to me is the 1/72 F-18 he did.  I remember being blown away by the model when I saw it several years ago in Military In Scale magazine, but now that I can see it as WIP pictures, it's even more amazing. 

Diego Quijano

And, as a purely FUN 4 minutes, check out this video of the "Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks".  I don't know how much HotWheels track and accessories cost these days, but this is absolutely incredible. And, it's for a great cause...

Mother of All Hot Wheels Tracks

That's all for now...go check out the show page!



The October meeting is back on schedule for the third Monday...and if I could afford this kind of RC...I could be tempted...

I know that most of us scale modelers don't often think too highly of RC, but the fact is, RC is probably keeping more hobby shops in business than we'd like to admit, even if the aisles of plastic are getting smaller.   But, check this out and then tell me that RC can't be cool!  A radio control F-16 with a swiveling camera to give a pilot's eye view of the flight.  Way too cool.  Cool enough that I can pretty much forgive the Kenny Loggins soundtrack.  If you're old enough, you won't have to wonder what I mean!

Click here for a pilot's eye view of a radio control F-16 flight!

And thanks to Dave Reed for the link...


Back on Schedule...The October meeting will be the 17th!

And another, what will hopefully be considered a cool link.  One of my favorite "painters" (and his construction skills aren't exactly below par either!) is a guy from Southern California, Mike Rinaldi.  With a fine arts background, Mike brings a little more thought to the process than many, and he is always pushing for that next step.  He's never afraid to either try something that some one else has pioneered (like Adam Wilder's Color Modulation) or develop his own technique, as presented on Missing-Lynx here.  I think you'll find Mike's presentation very clear, and the technique to be extremely powerful.

Mike Rinaldi "Oil Paint Rendering" on Missing-Lynx

I've already got the whole thing saved on my hard drive to save me the trouble finding it again when I want to refer back to it.  And as Mike relates, the technique is applicable to any genre of modeling...I've already started playing with it on a Wingnuts SE5a, and here is an early comparison of the right (airbrush only) and left (airbrush plus OPR) results.