Atlanta Model Figure and AMPS Show

Last weekend was one of the consistently best shows of the year, the AMFS & AMPS Show in Atlanta. Never having had all that much interest in figures, I'd never been to the show until last year.  I'd heard good things about the show, but just hadn't ever managed to get down to the show.  Well, let me tell you, last year was an eye opener!  The quality of the figure work is simply astounding.  I was also very impressed witht the show format and set up.  It's where we "stole" the idea for having everyone display their work in one place at our show, as well as the table risers and name tags.

If you haven't been to the show before, go next year.  You'll be impressed.  If you're not, let me know, and I'll refund your $5 General Admission fee out of my own pocket!

In the meantime, I've posted the pictures I took in the Gallery section.  Just please remember (especially if a photo of your work isn't there) I just plain didn't have time to take pictures of everything.  I was too busy otherwise enjoying the show, talking to people, and buying some figure projects in the vendor area.

Seems I have developed an interest in figures!


Results of our First Ever show are posted, as well as an important message

Like the headline reads, we've posted the results on the show page.  We also posted a brief note about the challenges we faced with the unexpected turnout, and how we plan to address the missing or wrong medal dilemma.

Please take a look at it and get back to me if you need a missing medal.

Also, please feel free to contact me with any constructive criticism you may have about the show.  We can't get better and give you more of what you want unless you let us know where you think we can get better, and what it is you actually want.


Our first show is in the rearview mirror!

A few quick comments.

First, thanks to everyone who came and made it the success it felt like it was!  Thanks to the vendors who supported us in an insane way for a first time show, and thanks to the entrants who did the same!  Everyone in attendance knows how the vendors looked, but here is a look at the final entry counts:

Entrants - 83

Models - 487

Again, thank you for making the show more than 3 times as big as we thought it might be!

Finally, give us a little time, and we'll have a listing of the results and photos up.  Anyone visiting because they saw a post (thanks Bun!) on ARC that said pictures ARE up, come on back in a few days, we'll get there, but we're not quite there yet.

Thanks again!


Sherman Seminar during the Chattanooga Model Show!!!

Great news indeed.  Rob Ervin or Formations fame has very graciously agreed to give a talk on the development and variants of the Sherman Tank.  This will be about a 1/2 hour talk with PowerPoint slides and a question and answer session to follow.

If you aren't familiar with Rob, go to the links page and follow the link to Formations.  What you'll find is an assortment of the best available Sherman conversions and accessories in resin.  Obviously Rob is VERY familiar with the Sherman, in all it's variations and permutations.

If you are a fan of the Sherman, and have some questions, you won't want to miss this!



There are times that I'd be the first to admit that the internet has ruined my life.  It has made everything work faster and makes it harder to get away from everything sometimes.

But there are also those moments where you sit back and just go "HOLY S*#T".  I've had two of those moments this week.  Without the internet, the pictures you can find through the links below would probably be lost to the majority of us.  Fair warning.  DO NOT click on either of the links unless you have both LOTS of time, and LOTS of spare hard disk space.  I did a LOT or "right click, save as" when I went through them.  So sit back, get comfortable, and enjoy.

First up is a treasure trove of RAF photo's dug up by Jeff Tabler.

Second is an absolutely STUNNING site for the 57th fighter group in WWII.  Click on the pictures link and settle in.  The color photos of James "Wabbit" Hare are incredible.  But don't stop there, keep looking. WOW.